Felted Soaps - New designs that make for great gifts! October 28 2016, 0 Comments

What is a felted soap? 

Felted soaps are bars of soap that are encased in wool to create soap and washcloth in one. These soaps can be further enhanced by adding intricate designs on the surface of them.

They start with one of my luxurious handcrafted soaps then wet felted to fully encase it in wool or a wool/silk blend. The intricate designs are then needle felted onto the surface to create wonderful and unique designs. From floral gardens to silly monsters and some just simply intertwined colors. If you need a wonderful one of a kind gift for someone - then these felted soaps are perfect!

Since these soaps are all one of a kind, I can only sell them on one venue - you can find all the available designs here: Alaiyna B. Designs - Felted Soaps

~ Faith