Custom Scented Lotion Bar - Moisturizing Skin Care

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A solid lotion bar in a twist up tube for ease of application. Full of nourishing oils and butters in a concentrated solid form. These lotion bars can be scented in a wide selection of fragrances or essential oils. I have many more fragrances than those listed, if you are interested in one not listed, please contact me for availability.

This solid lotion bar is created from Babassu oil for it's deep penetrating but non-greasy feel, Almond and Avocado Oils and Shea and Cocoa Butters for their skin softening and moisturizing properties. Custom scented to your preference with no added color and no preservatives.

Lotion bars are concentrated lotions as they contain no water giving them their solid structure. No water means a heavier concentration of nourishing oils and butters that soften, hydrate and seal. This product is in a solid form but melts upon contact with the skin. Lotion bars are also great for helping seal in hydration from lotions too (hydrate first via water based lotions, seal in the hydration - the key to complete moisturizing.)

These bars have no added color and will be ivory to yellow to tan depending on the fragrance or essential oil chosen as some will alter the natural color of the product.

To use: Twist product up to be slightly above top edge of the tube. Gently massage into skin as needed. Allow several minutes for oils to absorb into the skin.

Benefits of Lotions Bars:
- No mess, no spillage making them great for travel
- More concentrated oils, less waste
- Ease of application

Ingredients: Beeswax, Babassu Oil, Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Mallow Extract, Vitamin E Oil, Fragrance

Listing is for 1 container of lotion bar
Net weight of product is 2 ounces.


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